ESA – Moon Camp 2019/20 Winners


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The European Room Agency, Airbus Basis and Autodesk are delighted to announce the winners of the 2019-2020 Moon Camp Challenge. 

1417 pupils throughout the world acknowledged the problem to 3D layout an impressive and ingenious lunar camp to host upcoming “moonauts”. The creations occur from 39 international locations, which includes 19 ESA Member States and Canada. 

226 groups from 26 international locations, for a total of 646 pupils, joined the non-competitive newcomers class, Moon Camp Discovery, and created a lunar rover, a lunar lander or astronaut’s quarters. 

For the intermediate Moon Camp Explorers class, one hundred thirty five groups from 24 international locations (which includes 13 ESA Member States and Canada), for a total of 452 pupils, made a entire Moon foundation using Tinkercad. 

Moon Camp layout by workforce MVP from Germany

For the superior Moon Camp Pioneers class, 92 groups of 319 pupils from 19 international locations, which includes 13 ESA Member States, created a entire Moon foundation using Fusion 360. 

A panel of gurus in space and lunar exploration experienced the tough task of deciding upon the three very best entries from ESA Member States and the three very best from non-ESA Member States in each and every class. All of the entries had been judged based on their creativeness and innovation, feasibility, quality of the 3D product and the adaptability of the layout to the lunar atmosphere. 

The jury was extremely amazed with the quality of the initiatives. For that reason, in addition to the successful groups, they also determined extremely commendable groups for the quality of their styles. These groups will get a specific certification. 

On behalf of ESA, Airbus Basis and Autodesk we congratulate all groups!Very well finished!

Successful groups:

Moon Camp layout by Voya workforce from Czech Republic

Moon Camp Explorers (up to fourteen decades previous inclusive)

ESA Member States and Canada 

onest position: VOJA team – Czech Republic

2nd position: Apis Mellifera – France

threerd position: Crescent Dwellers – Portugal

Remarkably recommended for their layout: ShinyBCampers – Canada


Non-ESA Member States

onest position: Moon Camp Group eight – China

2nd position: Lunar Empire – Usa

threerd position: ASEA EXPLORERS – Iran

Remarkably recommended for their layout: Artspire – China

Moon Camp layout by Undertaking Sequana from Uk

Moon Camp Pioneers (from 15 up to 18 decades previous inclusive)

ESA Member States and Canada

onest position: Undertaking Sequana – Uk

2nd position: Moffelen Op De Maan – Netherlands

threerd position: MVP – Germany

Remarkably recommended for their layout: Boscosmos – Poland 

Non-ESA Member States

onest position: SIG Squad – Latvia

2nd position: SOSA Group – Slovakia

threerd position: CAMS Nova – Usa

Remarkably recommended for their layout: Fate of Heart – China

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