Trees Have the Potential to Live Indefinitely

Xmas trees are dead or dying. But some conifers and other trees theoretically could dwell endlessly, in accordance to a current essay that critiques accumulating proof on very prolonged-lived trees—and calls for more scientifically arduous procedures to identify their age and research their longevity. Across the board, trees do not die […]

The Best Fun Science Stories of 2021: Rhythmic Lemurs, a Marscopter and Sex-Obsessed Insect Zombies

Science is often thought of as a really serious subject. But even although it tackles vastly essential issues—many with lifestyle-or-death consequences—it also has a pleasurable aspect. This year Scientific American has covered some tales that ranged from “Huh, that’s weird” to “Ew, gross” to “So. Cool.” Under, we have rounded […]

The Five Biggest Climate Stories of 2021

It feels like we are lurching from just one catastrophe to another: as wildfires blaze throughout component of the region, a hurricane swamps a distinct area—and all this transpires as a pandemic proceeds to rage. Fees are steadily mounting, building motion to stem the launch of greenhouse gases at any […]