5 Key Trends To Follow This Autumn

affordable fashion accessoriesAutumn is already here and it’s time to pick up on those amazing trends. Here are the top 5 trends to follow this autumn.

1. Decoding The Colour Trends

If you have already hit the stores looking for the colour trends, you will find a lot of orange and red for this autumn season. It’s expected there will be a bold and strong colour palette this season. If you are worried about the bold colours for your wardrobe, you can always choose bright coloured accessories for a great look. You can also add a neutral bag such as a silver star bag.

2. Checks And Prints

In the previous autumn season, prints were everything. Polka dots, floral prints and everything in between dominated the last autumn season. Well, this season, checks are everything. If you don’t have any checked clothes in your wardrobe, get to the store and start buying immediately.

You can start with some checked trousers or a blazer. You can follow the trend with bold yellow and red checks or the soft check patterns with some browns, mustards and olives. The neon patterns are here to stay just like the animal prints.

However, for this autumn season, the animal print season will shift focus to the mock snakeskin with jewelled and muted hues. Therefore, watch out for the mock snakeskin boots. If you don’t have any animal print in your wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with a bag, scarf or hair accessories.

3. Vintage Girly Styles

Go wild with the fairy tales and embrace some girly fashions. You can’t go wrong with feathers or ruffles on your dresses and skirts. Even better, don’t forget the blouses with puffed sleeves. Pearl earrings are also a fan favourite to show off that extreme feminine side.

Pearl earrings, especially baroque with pearls from oyster shells and heart-shaped drops are the best choices. It’s a great way to bring the vintage trend into the 21st century. You can make a subtle contribution to this trend with pearl stud earrings for the best look.

4. Knits And Belts

After summer, you need to feel comfortable in your oversized knitwear. For this autumn season, you can’t go wrong with argyle knits and chunky jumpers. It’s a huge relief because you don’t need to worry about looking too frumpy because we have embraced this trend.

Waist-clinching belts are also here to stay and you might have noticed a few people wearing them on the street. It’s a 70’s classic look and everyone has taken to it this autumn.

It’s a great way to revamp your existing wardrobe since you can buy a wide belt then wrap it around shirts, knitwear, coats and blazers. It’s a trend that brings out the feminine and girly silhouettes. You can’t go wrong with having one of these oversized belts in your closet.

5. Statement Bags

It’s time to forget those tote bags for the summer season. Now you can switch up to the oversized statement bags. They are also a practical choice because you can bring along all your favourite things including your makeup kits. If you want to blend in perfectly to this autumn trend, you should opt for the metallics and those amazing autumn hues such as burgundy.

These bag straps are quite popular and you can interchange styles to help you fit into the season effortlessly. It’s the perfect fit for your outfit. You can also add a few extra clothes in there in the event of a surprise picnic from your loved ones. Who knows!

Try these amazing trends for a great autumn look!