Canada is a country with ablaze educational institutions and many exchange students head towards Canada to study in the glorious institutes each year. You may wonder how much it will cost to live there and study simultaneously. Well, calculating your expenses before going there is the plan you should follow to avoid any inconveniences. 

Canada is considered the most favorable country to study for international students due to the safe environment, offering equality to minorities, and the best quality educational institutions. Visit the Canadian website allreviews.ca to know about the reviews regarding the tuition fee of several institutes. Canada offers paid and free online courses to its students who are unable to attend the institutes or, for some reason, want to study online courses. Visit the websites to know more about these courses. Here is the average cost for international students who want to study in Canada.

  • Cost for living

In the first year of their visit to Canada, students are placed at on-campus accommodation because they are not much familiar with the surroundings and the Canadian environment. The charges for living in Canada vary for the institutes and the place you choose to live. You have to share a room, laundry, and kitchen with other students in the first year. The average cost of sharing accommodation is CAD 3000 and $7500 annually. Once the students are used to the environment, they have to find accommodation in a hostel and the cost ranges between AD $750 and $2200 per month. 

  • Cost for tuition fee

The cost of the tuition fee in Canada varies from institute and place. Also, it varies according to the degree program. Undergraduate exchange students have to pay CAD 28,000 for their tuition fee and this amount varies for the subject they are taking. 

  • Cost of transportation

Most students prefer to walk by the pedestrian who resides near to the institute. For students studying far away, places have to travel through train or metro services. The trains offer discount packages for students if they have id cards. Otherwise, the average cost of transportation via trains and metro is up to CAD 80 and $110. 

  • Health cost in Canada

Exchange students residing in Canada may have some reservations regarding the health costs as hospitals and treatments can cost them a huge amount. The good news is that the international students residing in Canada receive health insurance covers. They can choose provincial health and private health insurance. Provincial health will deal with emergencies and, private will deal with the in-person dental appointments and other issues. The average cost of private health insurance is CAD 600 and $1000. 


What are your plans for living in Canada as an exchange student? Have you pre-planned your expenses? All these things should be considered before applying for any program in Canada. In general, the monthly (standard) detriment of living in Canada for exchange students is customarily between CAD 600 and $800 for food and other daily expenditures. The dream of living in Canada can turn into a reality, you just need to plan your expenses wisely!

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