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ESA authorities working on lunar exploration present facts and insights in a new collection of videos for participants of the Moon Camp Problem. 

Tasked with building a habitat on the Moon working with 3D modelling applications, students will have to just take a selection of things into thought. The extreme lunar setting and minimal resources pose troubles for a Moon Camp that will have to adapt to the nearby setting and present defense and living and working services for astronauts. 

In the Meet the Professionals collection, lunar scientists and engineers dive into 4 facets of Moon investigation, from resources and 3D printing to daily life for humans on the Moon and long term exploration plans.   

Dive right in: 

Submissions for Moon Camp Discovery, Explorers and Pioneers are open up right up until twenty five March. A lot more info on each individual amount of the challenge and supplemental resources are obtainable on the Moon Camp Problem site. 

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