For The First Time, Scientists Map Brain Regions Responding to The Clitoris

Cortez Deacetis

A new scientific analyze published Monday has identified the brain location joined to genital touch in ladies, and located that it was much more formulated in volunteers who claimed possessing extra sex.


The research included stimulating the clitorises of 20 grownup females though their brains had been scanned utilizing functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).

The researchers make clear that the paper, posted in the journal JNeurosci, does not answer questions like irrespective of whether owning a larger place devoted to genital stimulation helps make women far more delicate to contact.

It also doesn’t tell us whether or not getting a a lot more creating mind region devoted to genital contact prompts extra intercourse, or irrespective of whether extra intercourse expands the location, like doing work out a muscle mass.

But the effects could be applied in long run to target treatment options for individuals who have, for illustration, been impacted by sexual violence, or have sexual dysfunction.

“It really is entirely less than researched, how the female genitals are represented in the somatosensory cortex in humans, and irrespective of whether it has at all the capability to change in relation to practical experience or use,” co-writer Christine Heim, a professor of clinical psychology at Charite University Healthcare facility in Berlin, explained to AFP.

Human body map

The somatosensory cortex receives and procedures sensory information from across the overall body. Each individual aspect of the body corresponds to a different spot of the cortex, forming a representational map.

But until finally now, the section of the map that corresponds to the woman genitals was a issue of discussion.


Prior experiments experienced often placed it beneath the representation of the foot, others in close proximity to that of the hip.

The rationale was imprecise stimulation methods – for instance, through self- or associate-sent handbook stimulation, other areas of the overall body had been touched at the very same time, or the procedure brought on arousal, which blurred the outcomes.

In 2005, other researchers had been in a position to develop a approach that brought about extremely localized tactile stimulation for penises, allowing for them to find the exact region devoted to this spot in males. But there was no equivalent breakthrough for girls.

For the new study, 20 women in very good health involving the ages of 18 and 45 were being chosen.

For stimulation, a modest round object especially designed for the task was used above the underwear at the stage of the clitoris. Air jets caused the device’s membrane to vibrate slightly.

Device for targeted stimulation of the clitoris. (xxx)System for specific stimulation of the clitoris. (AFP Photograph/Knop et al., JNeurosci, 2021)

The approach was built to be “as snug as doable” for the volunteers, mentioned co-creator John-Dylan Haynes of the Berlin Heart for Highly developed Neuroimaging at Charite.

They ended up stimulated eight instances, for 10 seconds each individual time, interspersed with 10 seconds of rest. The exact device was made use of on the again of the proper hand as a regulate.

The outcomes of the brain imaging confirmed that the somatosensory cortex represented the woman genitals following to the hips – as they are in males – but the specific place varied for every woman tested.



The researchers then investigated irrespective of whether this location had distinct characteristics dependent on sexual action.

The 20 girls were being asked about the frequency of their intercourse in excess of the past calendar year, as very well as due to the fact the beginning of their sexual lifetime.

Then, for each and every of them, the scientists established the ten most activated points in the brain during stimulation, and calculated the thickness of those places.

“We found an association between the frequency of genital intercourse and the thickness of the separately mapped genital field,” explained Heim. The additional intercourse, the even bigger the region.

The authors are hesitant to say additional sex drives that growth, till long term review confirms it.

But there are hints from earlier investigate. Very first, it truly is perfectly set up that the a lot more specific pieces of the brain are made use of, the even bigger they turn out to be: this is identified as mind plasticity. The hippocampus location of the brain in London taxi motorists expands with navigating practical experience.

Next, prior animal scientific tests confirmed that the stimulation of the genitals of rats and mice proficiently led to an enlargement of the space of the mind corresponding to these organs.


That analysis also did not determine no matter whether a larger sized spot resulted in better perception.

But Heim herself had beforehand shown in a 2013 research that people who have experienced traumatic sexual violence had a thinning of the mind spots devoted to genitals.

“We speculated back then, that this could be the response of the mind to limit the harmful perception of the abuse,” she claimed.

She hopes her investigation will assist inform future therapies aimed at rehabilitating this area amid abuse survivors.

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