Here’s The Real Meaning of ‘Comirnaty’, The Strange Name Pfizer Gave Their Vaccine

Cortez Deacetis

Pfizer and BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine got full Food and Drug Administration approval on Monday – and the agency also accredited the vaccine’s official identify, Comirnaty, pronounced koe-mir-na-tee.


Comirnaty is a carefully preferred mashup of COVID-19, messenger RNA, local community, and immunity, according to the company that came up with the name.

Scott Piergrossi, the president of functions and communications at the Manufacturer Institute, a drug-naming firm, reported Comirnaty was “coined from COVID-19 immunity,” per Fierce Pharma, with the center section symbolizing the mRNA-dependent know-how driving the vaccine.

“So that’s the Co- prefix, adopted by the mRNA in the middle, and ending with the -ty suffix, which nods to the two neighborhood and immunity,” he claimed.

As a complete, “the identify is intended to evoke the phrase group,” he said.

Pfizer and BioNTech reported when the name was 1st adopted by the European Medications Company in December that it was picked out to highlight the “initially authorization of an mRNA vaccine as nicely as the joint international endeavours that created that achievement achievable.”

It truly is not uncomplicated finding a title rubber-stamped by the Food and drug administration, which specifics its requirements in a 42-page document.

Drug names ought to be memorable, not simply perplexed with other medications, and easily spelled. They’re allowed to refer to the drug’s engineering, this kind of as mRNA, but not to any lively ingredients.


Other names that Pfizer and BioNTech filed to the US Patent and Trademark Business office included Covuity, RnaxCovi, Kovimerna, and RNXtract.

Piergrossi told Fierce Pharma that “ultimately the system for success in naming is a powerful distinct identify with meaning that in excess of time will hopefully [come to] stand for or symbolize the hope and innovation that the fundamental product by itself is for.”

But not every person is certain Comirnaty does the trick.

Dr. Nick Mark, a pulmonary- and critical-care doctor in Seattle, stated on Twitter on Monday: “I sense like the brainstorm session that came up with the title ‘Comirnaty’ both ended too soon or went on way too extended.”

Ben Wakana, a member of the White House’s COVID-19 reaction staff, joked on Twitter on Monday: “The proper pronunciation of Comirnaty is: “keepz-u-out-of-the-healthcare facility-saves-UR-everyday living-protects-your-group.”

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