How to Choose Shapewear for Your Body Type

What Outcome are You Looking For?

The first thing you need to consider is what you want. The outcome will be determined by the level of control the shapewear offers. You need to take the time to match this to your goals.

Light control or medium is an everyday piece that you can use to smooth some of your trouble spots. If you have some bulges that you want to smooth so your clothing is more comfortable, this is the control for you. It is possible to wear this shapewear all day.

Firm control or medium-high is best if you are looking to accentuate your curves. These pieces have supple and stretchy material that moves with your body to add some contours to your shape. It is possible to wear these pieces of hours while still being comfortable.

Extra-firm or high control is best for formal occasions where you have structured clothing like prom gowns, wedding dresses and cocktail dresses. They will enhance your body while still allowing you to breathe. These pieces will let you feel sturdy and toned without being constricted or uncomfortable.

Regardless of the control of your shapewear, you should never feel overstuffed in it. If you feel your movement or breathing is restricted in your panty corselette, you have to try a larger size.

What Area Do You Want to Boost?

Location is something you have to consider with shapewear. This is why you need to consider the area of your body that you want to boost. Some people want to boost their booties while others want to make their waist smaller.

If you have issues in more than one spot, you should look at full-body shapewear. This gives you a sleeker overall shape and will fit like a bodysuit. Of course, you need to ensure the piece can easily open for bathroom breaks.

If you are conscious about the added padding around your waist, back or belly, you should look at a torso piece. When you wear these pieces, you never have to worry about muffin tops and bra bulges. You can boost what you want with a shaped cami.

If you want to give your bum a boost, you should look at a bottom piece. There are smoothing panties that reduce size or bike shorts that lift the butt. You can also get shapewear that boosts the legs and thighs.

What Shapewear is Best for Your Body?

The right shapewear will depend on the body type you have. There are 5 body types that you need to know about: apple, pear, rectangle, strawberry and hourglass.

  • An apple body shape is when you have a full midsection, narrow shoulders, an ample bust and narrow hips. You will generally carry weight in the belly. If your stomach makes it hard for you to find clothing that you like, there are a few pieces of shapewear that you can look at. The pieces should give you better waistline definition.
  • An hourglass figure is the most coveted and is when your hips and shoulder same the same width. Your waist will be naturally contoured.
  • If you have slim hips, long legs and a straight torso, you have a rectangle body. However, if you have slim shoulders, a defined waist, a small bust and full hips, you have a pear shape. The strawberry body type is defined by wide shoulders, narrow hips, small butt and a generous bust.

All body types are beautiful and shapewear should not transform your body into a different shape. These pieces should enhance and bring your body to the full potential of the shape you have.