How to choose the right carpet for every space in your house

Cortez Deacetis

A carpet can totally change your whole space. But choosing the right carpet depends on which room you want to design.
The basic feature of a carpet is that it delimits the place where it is positioned. Before deciding to buy carpets for your home, it is advisable to look at the surface of the floor they will cover, their placement in relation to the furniture, and their combination with the style of each room. An easy way is, before you go shopping, is to “mark” on the floor the dimensions of the carpet you will need with the use of adhesive tape.
The size of the carpet you are going to choose is an important element for the feel of each space. There are always some important rules you need to follow that will help you make the right choice.

Living room

In case your living room is in a single room, and it is separated from the rest of your apartment, the carpet you are going to pick will help you visually differentiate the main living area. Prefer a shade that goes hand by hand with the feature of the rest of the room. If your living room is in small or medium in size, the back of the furniture does not need to “push” on the carpet.
If you are a lucky person with plenty of space in the living room, choose a large carpet that will create extra space to go around, while giving a sense of larger space comfort. Prefer buying bright colored carpets so that they will make the area look even bigger. A carpet in a brushed cooper color is a great option.
If your living room is placed in an area that is oblique, try to choose a carpet that will be positioned along the main sofa to visually make the place look straight.

Dining room

When you consider of buying a carpet for your dining room, it is important to know that the carpet should be stop in the right place, so that when a guest sitting in the chair remains on it.
If your dining area covers a round space, you should choose, as it is obvious, round carpets that match perfectly, as they are setting their specific design and shape.


The big carpets give a special style to the bedroom. In order to calculate the size you are going to use, you should measure the area defined by the height of the bedside so that the carpet contains the entire left over part of the bed up to the point that space lets you to.

Children’s bedroom

There are a lot of choices when it is about buying a carpet for your kids’ room. You can put a carpet with your kid’s favorite action figure labeled on it. No matter the color or the design of the carpet, you should always keep in mind that in the children’s rooms, a round carpet in any color can directly become the centerpiece of the room.
Last but not least, if you want to highlight some separate area in your home, you can choose asymmetric carpets. Their special shape, which seems to mildly fade out, will make the place look warm and friendly. These kind of asymmetric carpets are usually placed in front of the fireplace or at the entrance of the house. Who wouldn’t want to sit on a soft and warm carpet, drinking a glass of wine, while the fire makes the place look so warm and familiar?
Whatever is your final choice about your carpets, you should always keep in mind to choose the right carpet that is going to make your house not only stylish but warm too.

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