How to recycle our old stuff by using them

Recycling of old objects helps you to save money, but also to creatively spend your time. In addition, you are protecting the environment, which we have been so overwhelmed in recent years. Instead of throwing your old items, recycle them and use them in a different way to decorate the living room and the bedroom.

Of course, in addition to the ecological spirit, recycling is reaching the terms of scandinavian modern design because is so fashionable and stylish too. More and more people in the world, instead of buying new ornaments and furniture, are restoring that they have. There are a lot of ways in order to make new stuff from the old ones. Let’s see the most famous of those.

Glass bottles

If you are a wine lover and you used to keep the old bottles, and the use of them is going to surprise you. You will need a strong rope, hot melt and your forgotten, useless bottles. In a few hours you will have built a perfect chandelier.

Drum design

Whether it’s your old occupation or the dream of your son’s to rock, they’re still dusting in your living room, your warehouse or your loft. So, if you do not plan to throw them away, why do not you hang them on your ceiling? You will create an impressive result and show everyone how much you love music!


The old suitcases of our parents or grandparents are usually gorgeous vintage pieces that we do not want to throw and we cannot use either. They can, however, are placed on a wall even above the bath sink and, if stuck on a mirror, act as a pharmacy box. Suitcases can be used as stools too and if we have lots of them, we can make a great vintage wardrobe.

Recycle old lamps

Unscrew your old lamp, fill it with oil, which is used for candles, put on a wick and make your own lanterns. A perfect minimal idea for your living room, do not you think?

Make wall hangers

If you need iron impressive hangers for the garden, the storehouse or even the bedroom, use old tools in order to make them. Bend them and hang out your clothes without a second thought. You can also use some other items too, such as big spoons and fork or old garden equipment.

Old bicycle

Do you have an old bicycle dusting in your warehouse? If you did not decide to become a professional cyclist, try to make a wonderful vintage table. Alternatively, you can use it as bathroom furniture and install a washbasin over it. If the bicycle has a basket, use it as a storage space for your towels or cosmetics.

Piano library

If you have not got rid of the grand old grandma’s grandfather or grandmother’s piano, recycle it creatively. You should burry it on the wall and make an impressive library of it. Whoever gets into the house and see this wall decoration, will be astonished.

Old Rackets

Each home has some beach or tennis rackets without knowing what to do. A nice idea would be to invest them with a mirror and if you want to paint them to fit your space. You can also place your kids’ paintings in the middle and transform them in little pieces of art in the wall.

Old hats

Use the grandmother and grandfather’s hats to make stunning lights. You can take the hats, make the hole on the center of them and put a lamp inside. The kids and their friends are going to love this unique type of lighting. There are also various items that can be transformed into lightings too. You can use some kitchen materials or you can take your grandma’s old glasses of water and transform them to fascinating lamps for the living room or above the dining table.

Old Books

Books, especially the classic ones, are considered to be a treasure in a house. They can be read again and again and yet make the reader feeling the same excitement. If, however the pile of books in your living room is reaching the ceiling, you can use them in other way rather than throwing them away. You can stick them and make a multicolored desk. You can also place a glass above the books in order for the surface to capable of being used.

Old doors

Last but not least, are the doors which have been replaced by new ones but you did not throw them away. One great solution is to transform it into a romantic coffee table. The vintage style of the door will surprise all your visitors.

Whatever you choose to transform from unused objet, you should have in mind one single thing. The garbage of a man can be a treasure of another.