In One Part of Europe, Soil Is Rapidly Degrading. It’s a Warning to Us All

Cortez Deacetis

In the Mediterranean area, the soil is degrading, and land is turning to desert speedier than anywhere else in the European Union, in accordance to a new investigation.

Professionals warn that the merged outcomes of unsustainable land techniques and weather modify have depleted a finite useful resource to a significant issue.


A the latest publication by a European fee on soil health observed up to 70 percent of soils in the EU ended up getting rid of the potential to present very important ecological capabilities.

The shallow soils of the Mediterranean are specially prone to seawater intrusion, erosion, drought, and wildfires. In reality, this area has the optimum erosion fees in the EU and the most affordable degrees of soil organic issue.

In the meantime, dense populations in this area have also led to sprawling streets of concrete or asphalt and ground contamination with hefty metals and pesticides.

When soil is balanced, it outlets and drains drinking water. It also grows 95 % of the foodstuff human beings consume. When soil is degraded, its primary life-supplying procedures do not operate effectively. 

The Mediterranean is prized for its tomatoes, grapes, and olives, but that treasured food plan and overall economy are proving more durable and more difficult to guidance.

In spite of this, quite little investigation has been done on the possible contributors of soil decline in the area.

Numerous studies integrated in the evaluate focused on soil degradation by erosion, but only a couple of viewed as the results of biological degradation.


Ants and earthworms are known to aid control nutrients down below ground, and their actions assist the extremely integrity of the soil. Have these ground-dwelling communities transformed with human affect? And how is that impacting their bordering surroundings?

We don’t have the solutions, and we are working out of time to obtain them.

Droughts have been expanding in the Mediterranean since the 1950s, and it really is now forced some farmers to abandon their land, jeopardizing desertification. This can also enhance the chance of wildfires.

“Improvements to agricultural programs, alongside one another with other land-use variations, are top to critical stages of habitat decline,” the authors publish.

“This is a certain issue since the Mediterranean area is characterized by incredible biodiversity, with massive quantities of endemic species… “

This analyze, the to start with to critique and summarize the point out of soil in the European Mediterranean, details out that there is nonetheless no unique EU laws preserving rural soils from currently being urbanized. Nor is salinization addressed in particular EU guidelines, in spite of evaluation obtaining it a significant risk to the soil.

“Over-all, there is a normal absence of regular systematic assessments of Mediterranean soils, and of a formal authority to compile and synthesize offered facts,” the authors conclude.

If the EU is to protect against even further soil drop, it requires to end treating its ground like dirt.

The study was released in Science of the Total Ecosystem


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