Letters From Space: Book Review

Letters from Space: Picture Guide Evaluation

If you have a child who is fascinated by room, they will adore this fun, reality-crammed image book! Composed by Clayton Anderson, an astronaut who spent 152 times aboard the Global Space Station, this quirky book is fun and amusing! Susan Batori’s illustrations convey Clayton’s letters alive as he lets the audience know about working day-to-working day goings on as nicely as fascinating tidbits alongside the way.

This is probably my favored illustration under, as Clayton flies about:

The book is a series of letters composed by Clayton, and finishes with a specific author’s observe with even extra fascinating specifics about astronauts, residing in room, and NASA. Below are a handful of of the offers from the book that seriously stood out for me:

I thought this book was seriously sweet! The illustrations are quirky and the information and facts is normally introduced in a humorous or silly way, which generally can make it extra fun for young ones to have interaction with.

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NASA Kids Club

If you have not presently, you’ll also want to check out out the NASA Kids’ Club, which has missions, picture galleries, tons of specifics, and downloads for young ones!

About the Writer

Clayton Anderson is the writer of A is for Astronaut: Blasting As a result of the Alphabet, The Regular Spaceman, and It’s a Concern of Space: An Regular Astronaut’s Responses to At times Remarkable Concerns. He spent 30 decades doing the job for NASA, 15 as an engineer and 15 as an astronaut. You can check out a quick video clip about him on YouTube.

To study extra about the writer stop by www.astroclay.com. You can stick to him on Facebook @AstroClay, Twitter @Astro_Clay, or Instagram @astro_clay.