Modernising Our Rooms

At some point in your life, I am certain that you have envied another person’s house. How we present our houses is what brings out the difference and uniqueness in each and every house. Whether big or small, our apartments can look better by incorporating different sculptures on the walls to add aesthetic value on them.

Wulffwinding designers have given us a wide range of sculptures to choose from that we can use to make our rooms look the talk. We will consider how by using different sculptures, we can achieve this in our different rooms.

1.      Living rooms

Corners of our living rooms should look bright at all times because this is the main room. It is important to achieve elegance at this point by placing sculptures like Move right next to the natural ever glowing flower vase.

Soft shapes of this kind of sculpture express movement and harmony. It brings out a sense of nature at this corner and your guests can simply not have enough of this look at the living room.

2.      Study Room

Our study rooms need a sense of inspiration, power and strength. It is therefore suitable to place clout at this strategic spot so as to signify that this is a place of power. Since one needs a lot of concentration while at this spot, sculptures like clout brings out a more masculine feel as opposed to the more feminine shapes.

Choose brilliant colours for your clout in the study room like dark grey patinated Zinc. This is more appealing for your study room than very bright colours.

3.      Bedroom

Being your resting place, a place where you feel more connected to, the bedroom requires very captivating sculptures. A nice sculpture on the wall of your bedroom signifies lots of affection and gives one a sentimental feeling.

Mounting two Gemini sculptures next to your wall mirror in your bedroom creates unique symmetric and asymmetric variations. Choose your colours wisely depending on the painting on the wall so that they blend effectively.

Depending on your taste, your bed room allows you to play with different kinds of sculptures to achieve different effects. You can also decide to go for Zeppelin. This is a combination of xox and yin.

Hanging different pieces of zeppelin side by side makes you create different shapes. This would look very interesting placed on bricked wall just beside the bed. Depending on the distance that you hang the sculptures on the wall, it enables you to play with the effect of light and shadows.

4.      Kitchen

The kitchen area needs to feel cosy and warm. What better way can this be achieved other than using sculptures from wulffwinding designs? In order to achieve this, consider a sculpture like xox. Three to four xox sculptures placed on one of kitchen wall elongated differently would bring uniqueness in the kitchen.

Here, you can easily play around with the effect of light and shadows depending on how you place them. Take your time in mounting them and twist them regularly until it appeals your eye.

Oiled oak nature or cone xox sculptures come at affordable prices and would brighten up your kitchen. Placing a high levelled chair just beneath the sculpture next to the wall would be a captivating idea.  It is therefore important to have an open mind when it comes to your kitchen.

5.      Dining rooms

Some apartments might have this room separate from the living room. If this applies to yours, it is important for you to know how to make it look glamorous. The dining area should represent class and sophistication. You should therefore be keen to choose sculptures that bring out this effect.

Thanks to wulffwinding, we now have sculptures that express our personality in this specific area. Combining shapes like xox, yin and zeppelin to form the eye expresses a strong Nordic look for your dining room.

Choose the right colours so that they blend well with your walls. Matching colours look good on the surface and remember to place a beautiful vase on top of your dining table to complete the look.