Psychologist Explains a Common Reason Relationships Fail That No One Likes to Discuss

There is certainly an outdated indicating, “When you access the stop of your rope, tie a knot in it and hold on.” In other phrases, right before you give up, consider issues into your own hands and try out a tiny more challenging.


As a psychology researcher, I feel this adage applies to relationships, also.

Before you enable go, glimpse for the “knots” that may help save you from accidentally letting a excellent partnership slip from your grasp.

Marriage science indicates that the issue is that persons are likely to overemphasize the destructive and underappreciate the constructive when hunting at their intimate associates.

If you could construct the fantastic partnership, what would it glimpse like? Probably far more importantly, how does your latest partnership stack up?

Anticipations for present day relationships are better than ever. Now that relationships are a selection, mediocrity isn’t suitable. It is really all or nothing, and no one needs to settle.

The mystery to avoiding settling seems straightforward: have large benchmarks and demand only the incredibly greatest. Researchers refer to persons who are pickier than other people and constantly want the complete greatest feasible possibility as maximizers.

Their counterparts are satisficers – individuals happy after top quality surpasses a least threshold of acceptability. For them, “excellent enough” is flawlessly high-quality. As lengthy as their partnership exceeds their predetermined benchmarks for “large top quality,” satisficers are information.


Maximizer personalities will are likely to exhaust all alternatives and check out numerous choices to protected the flawless lover.

You may think that seems ideal, even noble, pretty much like widespread feeling. But there are concealed downsides.

Call it the myth of maximization, because the study reveals that maximizers report far more regret and melancholy and really feel threatened by other people whom they perceive as executing greater.

Maximizers also practical experience reduce self-esteem and much less optimism, happiness and everyday living gratification. And they like reversible choices or outcomes that are not complete or final.

See the issue? In lengthy-term relationships, persons are likely to like far more of a “’til death do us component” strategy instead than a “’til I locate some thing greater” tactic.

All round, the implication for your partnership is crystal clear: The steady pursuit of perfection could be high-quality for a car or truck, but in your partnership it may well outcome in failing to figure out the really excellent partnership that’s suitable in front of you for what it is. Impossibly large benchmarks can make an great partnership seem average.

You may well also undervalue your partnership by staying also quick to recognize imperfections, recognize the negatives and locate problems. Blame what psychologists phone the negativity bias, which is a inclination to pay attention to the terrible or destructive elements of an practical experience.


In other phrases, when your partnership is heading properly, it will not sign up. You consider it for granted. But problems? They seize your attention.

The bickering, insensitive remarks, overlooked chores, the messes and the inconveniences – all stand out because they deviate from the easily missed joyful position quo.

This inclination is so pronounced that when a partnership will not have any important difficulties, study indicates that persons inflate compact problems into even bigger ones.

Fairly than be grateful for the relative tranquil, persons manufacture problems where none earlier existed. You could be your own worst enemy without having even knowing it.

Time to recalibrate. The important is separating the vital from the inconsequential in order to distinguish minimal difficulties from real problems.

Figuring out the accurate dealbreakers will permit you to help save your energy for real problems, and permit the minimal things to only fade away.

Facts from a agent sample of more than 5,000 Individuals, ranging in age from 21 to more than 76, recognized the top 10 partnership dealbreakers:

  1. Raveled or unclean physical appearance
  2. Lazy
  3. Too needy
  4. Lacks a feeling of humor
  5. Lives far more than a few several hours away
  6. Undesirable intercourse
  7. Lacks self-self-assurance
  8. Too a lot Tv/video games
  9. Small intercourse travel
  10. Stubborn


Over and above that listing, there are surely annoyances that can turn out to be dealbreakers in in any other case typically nutritious relationships. And if your lover disrespects, hurts or abuses you, individuals are behaviors that shouldn’t be ignored and really should rightly stop your partnership.

In a adhere to-up examine, researchers questioned participants to look at the two dealbreakers and dealmakers – that is, characteristics that are particularly interesting. When pinpointing whether a partnership was feasible, it turned out the dealbreakers carried far more weight. The negativity bias strikes once more.

The reality that persons are likely to aim far more on the breakers than the makers is further more proof that we are not providing some elements of our partnership enough credit rating.

To help you greater appreciate your partner’s excellent characteristics, look at the characteristics individuals locate most fascinating in a marriage lover.

(The Dialogue, CC-BY-ND. Source: Journal of Persona, Botwin et al, 2006)

What have you been missing in your partnership? Surely there are containers that your lover checks that you’ve neglected to recognize. Begin providing credit rating where credit rating is owing.

In reality, some studies suggest you really should give your lover even far more credit rating than she or he may ought to have. In its place of staying realistic, give your lover the gain of the question, with an extremely generous appraisal. Would you be lying to you?

Guaranteed, a tiny little bit. But study demonstrates that these sorts of constructive illusions help the partnership by lowering conflict whilst growing gratification, like and rely on.

Holding extremely optimistic views of your lover convinces you of their benefit, which displays properly on you – you happen to be the one who has these kinds of a excellent lover, immediately after all.

Your rose-colored opinions also make your lover really feel excellent and give them a excellent standing to are living up to. They will not want to enable you down so they are going to try out to satisfy your constructive prophecy. All of which added benefits your partnership.

It is really time to cease staying extremely vital of your partnership. In its place locate the knots, the components of your partnership you’ve been having for granted that will help you hold on.

If you know where to glimpse and what to appreciate, you may well just recognize there are a whole lot far more motives to happily hold onto your partnership than you assumed. The Conversation

Gary W. Lewandowski Jr., Professor of Psychology, Monmouth University.

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A variation of this report was first published in February 2019.