Management of finances is a bit hard for people with fixed and limited incomes but is tougher for students because they need to spend money on education and fun to keep the balance of both aspects. Academic researchers browse Suomiarvostelut to see which kind of loan they can obtain easily. The manifesto of this platform is to benefit people by providing them needed information at hand without revolving them around fake information. 

Risicum accommodates people through mobile phones and internet technology. It targets particular demographics so that people can avail themselves of loan options without encountering many complexities. The lending companies in Finland are obliged to abide by the industry regulations and are experiencing ferocious competition as people have diverse convenient alternatives to pick.

Loans for apprentices

In Finland, local and foreign students can avail themselves of the option of loans from companies dealing in this domain. Finland foreign student accommodations finance up to the entire expense of education, as circumscribed by the institution, and eliminate any other compensation received. But foreigners can avail of loans if they are permanent citizens of America and attend universities or educational institutes enlisted by a particular lending company or approved by the government of Finland. 

Furthermore, the local residents get monthly payments as study accommodation under the Kela-card program. While private agencies offer study loans along with hostel expenses monthly of 400€. Every academic borrower must pay back the study loan but it is easy to acquire a loan if Kela ensures the credibility of the borrower. After the assurance of Kela, no bank demands additional references and the consumer gets a loan after agreeing with the conditions and terms presented by the loan offering company.

Suitability for the student loan

Students get a loan when they meet the criteria defined by lending companies. A study loan is not granted to buy study material but it is to cover the educational expense, meaning the semester fee. The general eligibility factors include age which states children under parental income cannot obtain loans from lending firms because the government pays child benefits to parents which include education accommodation. But, if the yearly income of parents is EUR 64,400 then the child can get a student loan to meet the educational expenses. Students enjoying financial assistance from educational institutions cannot get student loans in Finland.

Academic financing

In Finland, you can finance your academic period based on your situation. The permanent residents of Finland and people having necessary habitation permits can get the loan. If someone came to Finland for some other purpose excluding education then an education loan can also be provided by evaluating the duration of stay in the country.


It becomes difficult for daily wagers and low-income groups to spend heavy money on the educational needs of children, so lending companies and the government of Finland presented the option of student loans. Educational loans are granted to students if they are not utilizing any financial help from the institution where they are enrolled.

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