Time for UFT to Dump Walgreen’s

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It truly is practical to go to a regional pharmacy and get a 90-working day prescription. For UFT members, if you have a Walgreen’s close to you, you can do that. You could also get a 30-working day prescription someplace else, and mail to Specific Scripts for a 90-working day offer. For me, which is not far too significantly problems. 

But I would not set foot in Walgreen’s right up until they end enabling the people to do the job there to deny us contraception based mostly on their personal beliefs. If I were being vehemently opposed to contraception, I’d decline to get the job done in a location that enabled it. In Walgreen’s, alternatively, they are letting their workers the freedom to drop profits of start regulate pills and condoms to consumers. 

Imagine some child choosing to humiliate someone for the reason that of own beliefs. Imagine some kid executing so just for the hell of it, to workout the minimal bit of ability this occupation enables. Either way, Walgreen’s is great with it.

There are a whole lot of jokes and skits about individuals acquiring condoms, and how uncomfortable they experience. They buy 500 other factors and the clerk asks in excess of the PA for a value check out on the condoms, humiliating the currently anxious shopper. You require not be a anxious purchaser to really feel humiliated when an 18-12 months-old clerk says, no, you won’t be able to have your condoms for the reason that I don’t individually think you ought to have shielded sex. Most likely as not, these are the same persons who aid abortion bans, so they have acquired you one particular way or the other. 

Walgreen’s, of system, is cost-free to humiliate consumers searching to stay their lives, and in truth searching to avoid abortions. But I will not set foot in 1 until eventually they close the coverage.

UFT has a partnership with Walgreen’s. This is problematic. If we continue to do business with them, we are tacitly supporting their odious plan. Walgreen’s, for my cash, is not the most effective judge of what UFT users need to and must not do about their reproductive decisions. In fact, leaving it to the whim of their staff members is an even even worse final decision. They are stating it can be not their responsibility, but alternatively that of the particular person employee. I will not want to be handled like that by Walgreen’s or their staff, so I are not able to differentiate.

If Walgreen’s really cared about its staff members, it would stimulate them to unionize and collectively discount. It would make confident they had total overall health benefits. It would offer you them a prescription system as superior or better than ours. It would supply them superior phrases than its opponents. Alternatively, it indulges the whims of those people who want to specific ethical superiority to all those of us who make the negative decision of holding them in business. That’s unacceptable. 

We want to enable Walgreen’s know that it is there to provide us. If it chooses to allow employees to insult and humiliate shoppers, it does not ought to have our business. We should slash our partnership till and unless it stops indulging the worst instincts of the fanatical ideologues in its utilize. 

Unless they occur to their senses, let us slice them off and do the job to switch them with a husband or wife that respects not only our desires, but also individuals of all Us citizens. If I needed to go somewhere and be insulted, I might go to frigging Tweed and chat to Chancellor Soaring Substantial.

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