Top Tips For Picky Eaters

Picky Eating and Eating Behavior

Picky eaters are considered children who refuse to eat different foods and eat the same foods constantly. This is not ideal for children or parents as it can be frustrating and lead children down a path of eating the same things throughout their life. Many parents believe that their children aren’t getting the right nutrients to grow but the truth is, they do have enough. If any parent is struggling to feed their child different foods, then this is the article for you. This will go through some tips of what to do when faced with a picky eater. Don’t give up and get that coverall bib on that child as it takes a while before a child will say yes to new foods. In fact, a child needs to be offered something at least ten times before trying something.

Introduce Children To As Many New Foods As Possible At A Young Age

Giving children a limited pallet of food will only make them worse later down the line as well as deprive them of all the nutrients they need to grow. It is important to get children familiar with as many different foods as possible at a young age. A great tip in doing this is by adding a small amount of something new in a small pot as a starter so they can try this as well as have their main meal.

Get The Fussy Eater To Join In Cooking

A great way in getting children familiar with all food types is by allowing them to help in the kitchen. Most kids love to help out in the kitchen, whether it’s cracking an egg or washing the salad. This will help to get children interested in what they are eating and will help them to understand where their food comes from.

Plant Your Own Vegetables And Watch Them Grow

Everyone has done this in some way, whether it was the runner bean that you watched grow in school or cress coming out of an egg and making a smiley face.  This makes growing food fun, exciting and will also get children engaged more with what they are eating and where vegetables come from. Growing vegetables can be done all year around with different fruits and vegetables being available in different seasons so there is always something new.

Rewards Can Be A Great Motivation

There is a difference between a reward and a bribe, don’t reward children if they dont eat their food. The best way to go about this is to create a fun chart with them and help them make it. If they try something new, then they can get a sticker. When they have a set amount of stickers, they can then get a reward. Make sure the first goal is easy so it gets them motivated for the next challenge.

These are all great tips to help a picky eater to try more foods and to be more engaged with what they are eating. They can be used for all children and for all dietary requirements so give them a try today and get fussy eaters to be food lovers.