Website Builder vs. Coding: What Should You Choose?

Website Builders vs Coding - Which is better for you?

Creating a website is essential since it lays the foundation of your brand’s image online. With most people visiting a brand’s website before interacting with it, they tend to create perceptions about the brand based on the experience they have on the site. 

There are different ways to create a site, including using a website builder, coding it yourself, using a content management system like WordPress, and hiring a website development company. Each method has specific time and cost implications that must be considered carefully before choosing one.

All these methods are equally effective and have specific challenges too. Hence, before choosing an option, it is critical to consider your requirements and their pros and cons. Today, we will discuss two popular options – website builders and coding and compare them to help you find the best option for creating your site.

Website Builder vs. Coding for creating a website

Here is a point-by-point comparison between using a website builder and coding yourself to create a site:

FeatureWebsite BuilderCoding Yourself
Ease of UseCompared to coding yourself, using a website builder is easy. This is because templates and a simple drag-and-drop functionality allow you to create the site in no time.If you plan to code the site yourself, you need to have programming skills and some level of technical expertise
CostsMost website builders are either free or offer highly affordable plans. Hence, you can create your site even on a shoestring budget.If you plan to code the site, the costs would be nil. First, however, you must dedicate your time to writing code and ensuring the site works fine.
CustomizationCompared to coding yourself, a website builder will have certain limitations when customizing the site per your needs.If you are writing code for your site, you can customize it. There are no limits to customization when you code the site yourself. 
Search Engine OptimizationA website needs to be optimized for search engines to make it easily accessible to people searching for services similar to those offered by you. When you utilize a website builder, you can use the in-built tools to optimize it.When you code a site, you need to be aware of the nuances of site development that make it SEO-friendly.
Technical SupportMost platforms offering website builders also have a support team to resolve any doubts or queries regarding using the builder. While this might not be available with free plans, premium plans usually have a technical support option.When you code the site yourself, you must troubleshoot any issues you face.
Speed of creating the siteWith a website builder, you can create the site within no time using templates and simple interfaces.When you code the site, you will take longer since you have to ensure that all elements of site creation are taken care of. 

Summing Up

Using a website builder and coding yourself both techniques have specific pros and cons. Before choosing one, make sure that you consider your requirements, budget, technical skills, and time availability before making the decision. 

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Consider your site’s aspects to ensure that your customers have a memorable experience and that your business flourishes. Good Luck!

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