Fire Protection at Work – Using Candles and Decorative Lights Safely

The festive holiday season is fast approaching. In fact, as early as now, you can already feel the Christmas spirit all over with decorations like trees and lights, and wonderful tunes of yuletide music that can be heard almost wherever you go. You would see town halls, gift shops, departmental stores, churches, Cathedrals, and restaurants decorated beautifully with electric lights that brighten up the occasion. Even offices have their own decorations as well. Not meaning to spoil the festive spirit, it is important to remember that candles and decorative lights are some of the leading causes of fires, which is why it is of utmost importance to be more vigilant than ever with regards to Reliable fire protection and safety.
In workplaces such as shops, hotels, and other commercial businesses, candles and decorative lights are commonly used to brighten up the season. However, it is a must to follow safety guidelines to reduce the risks that come with using these things. For one, limit the use of candles as decorative elements. Sure, these are nice and wonderful embellishments but it is very difficult to oversee candles especially if you are busy with your work.
If you must use them, be sure to place them in places where they are not near anything that can catch a fire. They should also be located in an area that cannot be reached by children or pets. Place them far from curtains, drafts, fabric, furniture, and other similar items. Make sure that you only use heat-resistant candle holders that would not melt with heat. Whatever you do, never leave burning candles unattended. Put them out completely before leaving the workplace. See to it that you have completely extinguished the fire so that it would not reignite and possibly cause a fire.
As for decorative lights, one of the most important things to remember is to invest in high-quality lights that would not compromise your safety. You may think you are saving money by buying cheap ones that are also poor in quality. But the truth is, the extent of damage and injuries that these products may bring to you would be a lot more costly. Cheap lights are more prone to electric malfunction that can lead to fire. Also, check that the fuse in the plug is the right size, replace any broken bulbs, and turn the lights off before leaving the office. Place these decorative pieces far away from anything that can burn easily such as paper, fabrics, and some types of Christmas decorations.
During Christmas and at any time of the year, fire safety should always be one of your top priorities. By following the guidelines and tips mentioned above, you can have a safe and fun holiday season. However, if it does happen that a fire breaks out as a result of electric light malfunction, use only CO2 fire extinguishers to put out the flames as these are the only extinguishers safe to use for electrical fires. CO2 fire extinguishers can be purchased in various online stores.